"Stories are the way I unlock the world, humour just one of many keys"

Chris Tally Evans is a performance / media artist, writer and equalities activist. His work has been featured internationally and on UK and international media. As well as broadcasting on BBC 2W, BBC Wales, ITV, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio 4, and BBC Radio 3 Chris’s work has been shown in Wales, the UK, America, Canada, New Zealand, Qatar, Poland and Finland. He has received a Major Creative Wales Award and a major commission for the London 2012 Festival.

Happening now:

Chris is currently working on soundscapes for Petals and Claws, revisiting Alan Garner’s award winning novel, The Owl Service, 50 years on. This touring exhibition is in venues across the UK in 2017/2018. Click on the owl to see the promo video in English and click here for a Welsh version.

Bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of artists from either side of the Welsh/English border, this collaboration, curated by David Heke, explores and celebrates this ground-breaking story and its origins in Welsh myth. The multimedia project includes photography, video, painting, sculpture, music/soundscape, poetry and a fine art upholstery installation. To find out more visit the Petals and Claws Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Petals%20and%20Claws.

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Chris Tally Evans

performance, media, equality