We are Invisible, We are Visible (WAIWAV)

On Saturday 2nd July 2022, 31 Ddeaf, disabled or neurodivergent artists converged on 30 galleries across Britain and Northern Ireland on the anniversary of the 1st Dada International Exhibition in Berlin.

Chris is so pleased to have made interventions at the Glynn Vivian, Swansea, as one of this cohort. The website www.waiwav.org has full details of what all 31 artists did on the day and a link to Justin Edgar’s documentary film.

  Petals and Claws: Revisiting The Owl Service 50 Years On

  Chris’s soundtrack for the video installation for this touring exhibition

  started  its  journey  at  Ruthin  Craft  Centre, North Wales. Petals and

  Claws, revisiting Alan Garner’s award winning novel The Owl Service

  fifty years on, and toured to venues across the UK in 2017/2018. 

  Click on the owl for more information.


Mae Chroeso Heddychlon Thomas Morgan’s

Peaceful Welcome

Mae Chroeso Heddychlon Thomas Morgan’s Peaceful Welcome is a sound piece created for STAMP Castell02 in May 2017 at Caernarfon Castle. A number of artists at all stages of their careers were commissioned to produce work that celebrated the castle. Thomas Morgan was Chris’ grandfather, born in the town, and it is his life that inspired this story of his spirit winging its way back to the place of his birth to welcome people in. The piece touches on forced migration, war, conditions underground and the oppression of the Welsh language.  Click to hear the piece.

It is greatly enhanced by the contribution made by the Deiniolen Arian Silver Band, who were around when Chris’ grandfather was a boy and who are still making splendid music today. Silent Disco technology was used so that visitors could listen to the story on headphones while wandering freely around the castle. Click on  the image of Chris’ grandfather to listen to the sound piece.


In 2011 work created as part of Chris’s Major Creative Wales Award was exhibited at the Kennedy Centre, Washington D.C. as part of the group show entitled Shift. The exhibition explored moments that alter a person’s life.

The first digital story created in the body of work that came out of Chris’s Major Creative Wales Award, Chicken Tonight, was exhibited in Oriel Davies, Newtown, Mid Wales in 2007. The film tells the family story of the day they ate chicken when it wasn’t even Christmas. It deals with Welsh identity, poverty, place and pride. Click on the picture to see the film.

Chris and Neil Peddar were commissioned by filmmaker Dewi Griffiths to write the soundtrack for his 30 minute TV drama, Homefront, in 1992. The film was exhibited at Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, North Wales. The film is a ghost story about a soldier called home to Pembrokeshire by his mother’s best friend, a witch.

The Shift Exhibition at the

John F. Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.

Chicken Tonight at Oriel Davies

Home Front at Oriel Mostyn