Tales of First and Second Sight is a collection of live and digital stories based on Chris’ life and family. Each story is an individual, complete in itself, but when taken together they form a picture made up of many pictures, gradually revealing more and more.

The very first, Chicken Tonight, was created during a BBC Wales Digital Story workshop and broadcast on BBC 2W in 2007.

Some of the short films here are traditional digital stories, others push the boundaries by using contrasting and conflicting imagery and video. Tales of First and Second Sight came about through a Major Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales in 2009. Tales was performed live to small communities in British Columbia, Canada and then brought back to Wales at The Pierhead, Cardiff. One Tale, Clicker, was broadcast across 24 Big Screens in towns and cities in Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland during the Christmas period 2010 and again in 2011. In 2011 some of the Tales were exhibited at the John F. Kennedy Center, Washington DC, and both live and digital Tales were the headline event at the Interact disability arts festival Auckland. Radio New Zealand presenter, Chris Laidlaw, described them as “a digital Canterbury Tales”.

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